We are so excited that you decided to check us out! We want to make sure that you are well informed about us before your visit, so please read on to find out more about who we are and what we believe.

CrossWind Community Church is Re-opening for Worship

Services at 9 and 10:30 AM

In accordance with CDC guidelines and requested restrictions from the Bishop of the Michigan United Methodist Church, and for the safety of our congregation, CrossWind has determined the following standards for re-entering into in-person worship. We want to offer you time to process how these standards will affect you, your family, and the CrossWind congregation.


While each person must assess his or her level of risk before attending any in person Worship Service at CrossWind, those persons of any age, that are considered by the CDC and health care professionals to be at greater risk of contracting COVID19 and recovering from the virus are encouraged to refrain from attending in person worship at this time. It is suggested that you contact your own physician to advise you before attending an in-person event.

What you will experience if you decide to attend worship services beginning June 14, 2020:

  • You are asked to enter the building by using the main (south) entrance. Hospitality Team member(s) will meet you there, to welcome you, and to offer assistance if needed. You will exit the building following the worship services by the South and West worship space doors. You will be asked to leave the building rather than mingling. This will allow CrossWind’s Clean Team time to sanitize high contact areas prior to the next worship service.
  • Beginning June 21, 2020 – The 9:00 AM worship service will be considered “Face Mask Suggested.” Person’s attending this worship service are asked to wear a face mask while in the building. This will offer a worship opportunity for those needing or wanting a greater sense of safety. The 10:30 AM service will become “Face Mask Optional.” Persons attending this worship service will have the choice of wearing a face mask. This offers a worship  opportunity for those persons unable, or not wishing to wear a face mask.  Masks will remain available near the entrance doors for those who do not have one. CrossWind will continue to offer worship online through Facebook LIVE at 10:30 AM or by video Sunday evening’s on YouTube .
  • You are asked to practice a 6’ social distance from others not in your household from the parking lot, until you return to your vehicle following the service.
  • The worship space has been arranged to accommodate the requirement for physical distancing of 6 feet. Seating will be limited to 65 persons. So, we ask that you move directly into the worship space and find seating that will accommodate your family. Hospitality Team members will be in the worship space to offer assistance and move chairs when needed.
  • Young children have a difficult time understanding and keeping social distancing and some parents have expressed reluctance to bring children to worship at this time. With that in mind, CrossWind’s Youth Grapple, Elementary Kidmo, and Infant Nursery ministries will be not meet until September. Instead, KidMo/Youth Story moments will be included in worship services to engage your children from safe distance. Families with young children are encouraged to attend worship together.
  • CrossWind Café will not be offering beverages and snacks at this time. Person’s attending worship are encouraged to bring a spill resistant cup/mug of their favorite coffee or tea, or bottle of water.
  • All Restrooms will be open and sanitized prior to each worship service. We ask that only one person (unless parent and young child) enter the restrooms at a time to maintain proper social distancing. The Nursery room will remain open for those parents needing a changing table.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the gathering area and worship space.

Three simple rules while attending worship at CrossWind:

  • Wear a face mask if required.
  • Wash your hands, or apply hand sanitizer often.
  • Keep a 6’ distance from anyone not in your household.


NOTE: All of these restrictions will be lifted in time. CrossWind leadership will ideally evaluate these standards for worship every 2 weeks. Future adjustments to these standards will be made based on what is best for the common good, and what best aligns with what it means to “love your neighbor.” Crosswind will continue to use the best science available and allow that science to override our feelings, emotions, and politics.

Health Questions to consider before attending worship at CrossWind Community Church.

Refrain from in-person worship if any of the following apply:

  1. If you have flu-like symptoms, unusual cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, and/or sudden loos of smell and taste.
  2. If you have a fever greater than 100.4.
  3. If you are waiting the results of any test for COVID-19.
  4. If in the past 14 days you have been in close contact (within 6’ feet) with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, or who has just returned from a trip out of country.

First off, CrossWind isn’t about being just another church of the community that offers multiple services, serves the best coffee on Sunday morning, or has great worship and relevant teaching. CrossWind is about being church in the community: LOVE in action by showing people Jesus, because we believe that you will never meet a person that Jesus didn’t die for.

 A vision statement cannot only be words on a sheet of paper or a screen– it has to be carried out through actions.  CrossWind follows the vision of “LOVE in action” with Servant Evangelism, which includes doing things like passing out free donuts in the spring, freeze pops at the annual Fourth of July parade, or hosting a community carnival that is completely free.

CrossWind is not a place for being perfect.

We are a place where imperfect people can come together in real community, experience the love of Jesus, find hope in scripture, and grow together.

So, bring your questions and your doubts.

Bring your joys and your heartache.

Bring your hopes and bring your struggles.

They are welcome here.

You are welcome here!

The most important things you need to know if you are planning to visit us!

1. We offer two identical services each Sunday morning, and one service on Monday nights, Visit our “Services” page for more information.

2.  Dress casually for all three services – there are no dress codes here.

3.  If you plan to visit on a Sunday, expect to be greeted by members of our Welcome Team.  Feel free to ask for a tour or more information.  They will be willing to answer your questions and get you where you need to go.

4.  Bring your kids along.  CrossWind cares for children birth through fourth grade. For more information, please visit our “CrossWind Kids” page.

5. Grab a cup of coffee or get some water before, during and after the Sunday services.

6. During worship, when the offering plate comes around, feel free to simply pass it on.  We do not ask our guests to contribute.

7. Pastor Kevin would love to meet you, so please feel free to introduce yourself after the service and say “Hi.”

8.  If it happens to be a communion Sunday – don’t freak out!  In the United Methodist Church, communion is open to everyone, so feel free to join us; or you may choose to remain seated while others come forward

Weekly Service Times:

Out of concern for the health and wellness of our congregation and community, and to best comply with Michigan’s current Shelter at Home Order, CrossWind has cancelled all face-to-face worship and meetings at this time.

Connect with CrossWind – Sundays at 10:30 am for a Facebook LIVE Worship Service

For more information, please visit our “Services” page.

CrossWind Community Church | 1683 142nd Ave | Dorr, MI 49323