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Welcome to CrossWind Church. CrossWind Church is a church about people; people connecting to Jesus in a real and personal way. We are a new and contemporary full on rock church. We enjoy rock music, good coffee, and relevant messages that deal with real life issues.


Do you know that you have a soul? There is something deep within you that is responsible for all of you. The Bible uses several words to get at the idea of this:

  • Heart—the seat of all our affections
  • Mind—our bias, way of thinking, assumptions, and predisposition
  • Spirit—our inward person that gives life to our bodies
  • Inward Nature—our bent, inclinations, and inner parts. (Psalm 51:6).

What is the state of your soul? What if we took an actual photograph of your soul? What would you look like? How beautiful, elegant, strong, winsome, and attractive would you be to other souls?

In the months of February and March, we will be talking about the soul. The soul is the place where God wants to meet you.

Our prayer is that Soul Shift can be your winter retreat. Join us in leaping forward with God.


2/1       We want to be different but… don’t want to change.

2/8      Me to You

2/15      Slave to Child

2/22     Seen to Unseen

3/1        Consumer to Steward

3/8       Ask to Listen

3/15     Sheep to Shepherd

3/22      Me to We



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Sunday Worship Time: 9:30 & 11:00 am
1683 142nd Avenue
Dorr, MI 49323

Monday Worship Time: 7:00 pm
A.J.’s Grill
1830 142nd Avenue
Dorr, Mi 49323

Come check us out on Sunday or Monday. See you then!