Current Message Series:

When life hits hard, it plunges us into a sea of questions we hoped we’d never have to ask. But when you feel broken, abandoned, and struggling to find answers, there’s a beacon in the storm. A comfort in your pain. A Hope in the Dark.

Weekly Bible Readings

Monday, Psalm 118:26-29, Psalm

Tuesday, Matthew 26:31-75, Betrayal of Jesus

Wednesday, Matthew 27:1-26, Passion

Thursday, Matthew 26:17-30, Words of Institution

Friday, Matthew 27:27-61, Crucifixion

Saturday, Matthew 27:62-66, The Guard at the Tomb

Weekly Bible Readings are taken from the Narrative Lectionary

Weekly Service Times:


9 am- CrossWind Celebration Service

10:30 am- CrossWind Celebration Service


7 pm- Table Talk (Meet at 5 Lakes Brewing Company)

For more information, please visit our “Services” page.