Welcome to CrossWind Community Church!

Current Message Series:

The word AHA is defined as “a sudden understanding, recognition, or resolution.”

It is the moment when the proverbial “light bulb” comes on in our mind! It is the moment when we discover that some of the things that we have done and some of the decisions that we have made have taken us away to a distant land far from God.  

During this series we will be exploring what causes these awakening times, how being honest with ourselves gives us insight, and the actions that we take, which lead us to change. This is AHA!

When: Sunday, October 28, at 4 pm

Where: Dorr North Park

FREE event for the community! Bring your kids down to North Park and let them collect all the candy they could ever want. Dress up and make it a night for the family!

Weekly Service Times:


9 am- CrossWind Celebration Service

10:30 am- CrossWind Celebration Service


7 pm- CrossWind in the Community (at AJ’s Grill)

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