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In 2004 Scott Otis and his wife, Carrie, moved to Dorr, Michigan to start a church for people who don’t go to church. Starting in a basement with 20 people, Scott and Carrie have never changed their focus; to grow a church for people who say church is too boring, too intimidating or just not relevant to their stressed-out, hyper-speed lives. And, to this day people still ask them this question “Why bother? There are plenty of churches around.”

Pastor Scott and Carrie’s answer is the same, again and again:  People matter to God, even if they don’t know it yet. So, we’re going to meet them in their comfort zone, with Biblical teaching and messages that deal with their everyday challenges, hopes and heartbreaks.

And we’re going to communicate using ways in ways they can relate — movies, music and drama. And, that’s what CrossWind Community Church is all about. And, we’ve got 14 years of growth and changed lives to show for it. Not only are we passionate about worship but also children. We believe Sunday morning ought to be fun as we help children grow in their relationship with God.

So what can you expect? A casual atmosphere with today’s music, messages you can take with you, an amazing children’s ministry.

No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, you matter to God and our prayer is that you will experience a connection to God here.

The most important things you need to know if you are coming to visit us!

1. We offer two services each Sunday morning, and one service on Monday nights, with a variety of styles to choose from. 

Sunday: 9:00 am is our contemplative service in the Kid’s Wing. The music will be acoustic, the message the same as all of our other services.

Sunday 10:30 am is our modern praise experience.  We have a rockin’ band. Join us, offer praise and allow the Word of God to transform your life.

Monday 7:00 pm is Mondays at A.J.s Bar and Grill. (1830 142nd Ave., Dorr, MI 49323)

Following Jesus isn’t convenient, but getting together with others on the journey is becoming more convenient. Here’s how it works: Come and eat, hear great music, and be inspired at the beginning of your week. A.J.’s is open and serving their normal menu.  Eat as much or as little as you want.  You pay for your own meal.  You don’t have to order anything to join us.

2.  Dress casually for all three services – no dress codes here.

3.  When you enter the church building, there will be greeters and an information table.  Ask for a tour or information.  Someone will be willing to answer your questions or get you where you need to go.

4.  Bring your kids along.  CrossWind cares for children birth through fourth grade. More than just childcare, CrossWind Kid’s uses the best methods of communicating the truth of God’s Word in age appropriate and culturally relevant ways. We do this so that kids will be able to understand and apply God’s truth easily within the context of their own lives.  Crosswind offers nursery and preschool at our Sunday 9:00 am service and nursery through 4th grade during the Sunday 10:30 am service.

CrossWind Student Ministry seeks to reach 5th-12th grade students with the truth of the Gospel, and to equip them to live lives that bring glory to Jesus. Students, grades 5th-8th and 9th-12th, gather during the Sunday 10:30 service for games, worship, teaching and discussion.
Your kids and students can also sit with you in service until they get comfortable here.  CrossWind is a kid-friendly place!

5. Grab a cup of coffee or get some water before, during and after the Sunday services.

6. During worship, when the offering plate comes around, feel free to simply pass it on.  We do not ask our guests to contribute.

7. Pastor Scott would love to meet you, so please feel free to introduce yourself after the service and say “Hi.”

8.  If it happens to be a communion Sunday – don’t freak out!  In the United Methodist Church, communion is open to everyone, so feel free to join us; or you may choose to remain seated while others come forward.

Well, if you got all the way to the bottom of this list, you’re someone who has to courage to check out a new church.  We really appreciate you taking time to visit and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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