In 2004 Scott Otis and his wife, Carrie, moved to Dorr, Michigan to start a church for people who don’t go to church. Starting in a basement with 20 people, Scott and Carrie have never changed their focus; to grow a church for people who say church is too boring, too intimidating or just not relevant to their stressed-out, hyper-speed lives. And, to this day people still ask them this question “Why bother? There are plenty of churches around.”  Their answer is the same, again and again; “People matter to God. Even if they don”t know it yet. So we’re going to meet them in their comfort zone, with Biblical teaching and messages that deal with their everyday challenges, hopes and heartbreaks. And we”re going to communicate using ways in ways they can relate with movies, music and drama.”

And, that’s what CrossWind Community Church is all about. And, we’ve got 11 years of growth and changed lives to show for it. Not only are we passionate about worship but also children. We believe Sunday morning aught to be fun as we help children grow in their relationship with God.

So what can you expect? A casual atmosphere with today’s music, messages you can take with you, an amazing children’s ministry.

No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, you matter to God and our prayer is that you will experience His love here.



Carrie had been immediately involved from the beginning in the details of starting CrossWind. She is currently the churches part-time administrator. Scott and Carrie are the parents of three adult children: Corey (Erin) 31, Kyle 29, and Emily (Morgan) 26. The also have several granddaughters; Allie, Leanna, Lilliana and Josie.