Servant Evangelism

Crosswind Fourth of July Parade

Jesus describes the Kingdom of God like a farmer going out to sow seeds. That’s our job. Billy Graham states that every church in America wants to bring in a harvest but few are willing to sow seeds.

The reason CrossWind exists is to sow seeds of God’s love outside ourselves. Our very call is “loving people” into a growing relationship Christ. We can’t just love people who come to us, our purpose is to love people who have no church.

This outreach had been called by some “Servant Evangelism.”

Q. What is Servant Evangelism?
A. Servant evangelism is a simple, straightforward approach to sharing God’s love in simple, practical ways like washing windshields, handing out water and giving away light bulbs. Some brave souls have even cleaned public toilets to show God’s love.

Q. Why is Servant Evangelism so effective?
A. Servant Evangelism is effective because it is:
– quick
– high volume
– done in groups
– an approach families can do together
– easily picked up by new Christians
– simple
– friendly, non-pushy, non-aggressive
– appeals to every segment of our community
– giving-centered rather than asking-centered
– provides an open door for the miraculous
– if God so moves
– big fun!

Q. What are the results?
A. Pre-Christian people will begin to open their hearts to God’s love. Even if they have no desire to connect with our church or any other, they will be one step closer to the God of the universe. CrossWind is action oriented. Human nature always points the emotional compass inward. Jesus said, “Go, therefore and make disciples… and lo, I am with you always.” God is with us in an immediate sense as we carry His love.

The church will be redefined to the community. The church in general has taken a lot of blows over the last few years, especially in the wake of scandals involving sex and money. The world has falsely pictured the entire church as beggars always on the verge of going out of business. We’ve also been pegged as hucksters always looking to get something for nothing. The third picture the watching world has of the church is that of a monastery whose residents have only one message, “Come in and join us.”

Q. Is there a string attached?
A. I can honestly say that there isn’t. Our outreach often leads to church growth as a side benefit, but we would lose our integrity if growth was our reason for serving. We aren’t giving to get anything. We must serve for the sake of our own spiritual health. As we go about loving with no strings attached, God seems to attach a string of some sort to those actions. He seems to create a tie between the person we serve and Himself. Our prayer in going out into the community has often been, “Oh God, let them forget us, but let them never forget You!”

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