Loving people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and sharing his passion with the world.

Reaching Loving people who have dropped out or never been in a relationship with Jesus Christ and who are not currently enjoying his church. Loving people with the kind of love that Christ has shown us. One of the tools we will use is servant evangelism. We will simply share random acts of Christian kindness with the unsuspecting and let the seeds of God’s love fall and grow where they may.

Growing Speaking of growing, we long to help folks grow in their relationship with Jesus. All of us are invited to be deeper in love with Jesus. Whether our faith is new or old there is always room for more depth.

Sending And sharing His Passion with the world. What God has given to us we are compelled to give away. Michael W Smith said in a song a few years back, “Love isn’t love until you give it away.” We want to experience the joy of giving our life away to those around us.